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Tips For Hiring A Professional To Refinish A Wood Floor

If you have a wood floor to refinish , hire a pro by following these tips:

  • First of all, never hire someone without seeing real examples – not just photos – of their previous work done in and around .
  • Anybody can show you photos of outstanding workmanship, but you need to verify that they are showing you their own work and not just some great photos of another contractor’s floor refinishing job.
  • Study the walls and corners at those job sites. Is the molding dented or scratched and does the flooring have any telltale patches that were missed in the corners?
  • Talk to prior customers and check references to make sure that the refinisher not only did a good job but also cleaned up afterwards.
  • In worst case scenarios an unskilled person trying to do a refinishing job might ruin the wood floors and you won’t even be able to repair the damage.
  • That’s especially true if you have antique floors or floors made from a rare or hard to replace type of wood that cannot be found around or that costs an arm and leg to buy in small quantities around .

So follow these guidelines, choose a professional to redo your floors, and then relax – knowing that your project is in expert hands.