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Want To Add To Your Outdoor Storage? Try A Garage Addition!

Outdoor storage. To most people this brings up memories of sheds (plastic or wood) or some sort of out-building. But there is another way to think about it ā€“ consider a garage addition.

Whether your garage is over cluttered with stuff, or you have re-purposed your garage so that storing things there is no longer possible, a garage addition can solve your problems. Garage additions are also helpful for those without a garage (for whatever reason).

A garage addition is relatively easy to do. Instead of having to worry about cooling and heating systems, it is essentially an enclosed area, with cement flooring, and some insulation in the walls. It can get more complicated if you are adding electrical to it, or plumbing, but essentially it is one of the easiest additions to make to the home.

A garage addition can increase your storage capacity. If you have a large lot, a garage addition can also increase the accessibility of your lot for storage. So long as you realize that a garage addition is outside, and store things there appropriately, garage additions are great ways to increase the amount of outdoor storage space you have in a home.